Casino Tour


Awesome Day with Frank!

Torifan from Louisville wrote:

I am a huge fan of the book and movie Casino so this was a dream come true for me. Frank is so honest, personable, and he will make you feel at ease. He picks you up in his shiny white Lincoln at the Peppermill ( a shooting location from the movie) and drives you to the locations of the movie shoot and actual spots where the real events happen. He also shows you photos of behind the scenes footage and real photos back in the day. You can ask him anything! He also takes you for pizza afterwards and shows you his books/photos if you want to purchase. We spent about 3.5 hrs with him- worth every penny!

You can book with him personally- just call his cell phone at 702-622-0850. I called him about three months in advance just to be on the safe side. 

A personal touch is that Frank will take you back to your hotel as well so you will not have to Uber/Taxi back. 

If you a true fan of mob history, this is the real deal. Frank is a piece of Vegas history!

A+ for Mr. Frank Culotta

Janet C wrote:

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas, than with a piece of living history! Mr. Culotta picked us up at The Peppermill, and our journey back in time to the old Las Vegas began. Prior to the trip I watched the movie Casino, and read his books. Being able to visit the actual sights that were in the movie, and books was amazing. Hearing the stories first hand from Frank made me feel like I had stepped back in time. This tour is a must for anyone living in, or visiting Las Vegas. I didn’t like the tour, I LOVED it! 

Frank, thank you for so candidly sharing your life story! 

<3 The “NICE” Janet


THE Las Vegas Tour for tourists and locals

Traveler Vicki from Las Vegas, NV wrote:

In this day and age it’s easy Google stories and information on just about anything. However, stories come alive when you are fortunate to hear them from people who actually lived them. 
I am thrilled to be able to tell you that this tour did not disappoint. Mr. Culotta is a natural born story teller. As my family and I rode around in a clean, comfortable van with Mr. Cullota, we saw the actual settings as we learned the details, backstories and actual characters of Las Vegas’s storied history. Facts were separated from movie fiction. Mr. Cullota was authentic and generous and all questions were welcomed.
From our first phone conversation to the tasty Angelina’s pizza that we were treated to at the end our tour, all of my expectations were exceeded.
I would not hesitate to recommend this tour to Las Vegas locals and visitors alike!

A delightful day with the human part of the mob experience.

Lee P wrote:

I gave my boyfriend a private tour with Frank for his birthday. I was going to be out of town and wanted a memorable experience for him. Frank was very accommodating and I was anxious to hear the review from my BF. 

"Frank is articulate, funny, knowledgeable, and personable. It was great to get an up-front look at a glorified part of history through the eyes of one intimately involved. It exceeded my expectation! Really great birthday experience!"


Happy Birthday to Me.

Hardway717 from Las Vegas, NV wrote:

My girlfriend told me I could do "anything" I wanted for my 53 birthday. I wanted a unique experience not just a gift. I got what I asked for, a private tour with Frank Cullotta. It was exactly what I was hoping. I got to spend a few hours with a man who was a major player in the history of Las Vegas. I highly recommend this private tour.


Very Insightful

Rachaelleg from Brisbane, Australia wrote:

My partner, best friend and myself took the tour with Frank and loved it. We had travelled from Australia to Vegas and wanted to have the best time possible. With this tour we got it!!! As there were only three of us Frank picked us up in his car rather than in a bus as he would for a bigger group. We had a very informative time riding around from site to site and finished with pizza and drinks at the end. Thanks Frank!! PS - to book -
All you have to do is phone Frank direct to organize a time. Phone him on +1 (702) 622-0850.

 Outstanding Private Tour with the Man Who Knows Vegas and the Mob!!

Dsavaglia from Oak Creek, Wisconsin wrote:

My wife and I took a private tour with Frank Cullotta a few days ago; my wife bought the tour for me as a birthday present -- it was one of the best presents I have ever received. Frank picked us up in his car, a white Lincoln Continental, at the Pepperrmill restaurant on The Strip. We spent the next three hours driving around Las Vegas and learning about the mob's control of Las Vegas, the inside story of what happened with the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang, and what the making of the movie "Casino" was like. As an influential and trusted member of the Las Vegas mob, Frank was there and involved in all those events. Frank is a very nice guy and a great story teller. We stopped at places where the real-life events depicted in the movie occurred, like the parking lot where the car (with Deniro in it in "Casino") blew up and how it was done, the 7-11 where secret meetings took place to plan jobs, and where Frank's restaurant used to be and how the FBI would watch him and the restaurant. Frank also takes you to places where "Casino" was filmed, and he gives you the inside scoop on the making of the movie. The entire time Frank is entertaining and engaging. He answered all our questions openly and honestly. Frank ended the tour by taking us out for pizza at a local pizzeria -- the pizza and company were fantastic! If you are interested in Las Vegas history, mob history, and/or the movie "Casino", take this tour!!


Fascinating experience to meet a Chicago and Las Vegas Mobster-Gary A

Nellaeelyrag from Aanta Fe, NM wrote:

I have read many book about the Mafia for many years and wondered what it would be like to actually meet a real Mobster. Several years ago I read "The Enforcer about Spilotro: the Chicago Mob's Man over Las Vegas" by William Roemer-Frank Cullota is an associate an friend of Spilotro. My sister visited the Mob Musesum in Las Vegas last year and she gave my Frank Cullota first book which I couldn't put down-it is much better than anything that Roemer wrote. It had a card that stated Frank Cullota gives a tour-only in Las Vegas would something like this be possible. My sister, brother-in-law and myself took this tour on July 17th, 2017-The tour way exceeded expectation -it lasted three hours-Frank was very easy to visit with and he answered many of may questions. My sister and brother-in also enjoyed the tour. The pizza at the end of the tour was wonderful. I bought Frank' other two books. This is a once in a lifetime experience to meet a mobster who has been there and done that. He is very friendly and east to speak with. I would definitely that this tour again the next time I m in Las Vegas. You should watch the Movie 'Casino before this tour and also visit the Mob Museum


Spend The Day with a True Las Vegas Mobster

Joe C wrote:

I just recently got back from Las Vegas and while there with my wife we did the Frank Cullotta mob tour. It was amazing! The absolute most fun I've had in Vegas to date. Frank is a great guy, you immediately feel like you've known him for years. He gives you the most informative Las Vegas history lesson you could possibly ask for. His stories are fascinating and priceless. It was great seeing the locations where the movie Casino was filmed, locations where true mob activity occurred, hangouts and the places they lived. I very highly recommend it! A true must for anyone who loves old Vegas and its mafia roots. I will definitely catch up with Frank on my future visits.


Don't miss your chance to meet a living part of Las Vegas history.

John G from Las Vegas, NV wrote:

Being born and raised in Las Vegas I have always been interested in the history of my city, and like it or not the mob is a huge part of our history. I have been studying Las Vegas mob history for years and I even worked at some of the places where the movie Casino was filmed. When I found out about Frank Cullotta's tour, I jumped at the chance to meet Frank and learn more about our mob history...straight from a real former Las Vegas mobster. I was not sure what it would be like meeting Frank, however we immediately hit it off as if we were long time friends. So don't worry about being uncomfortable with a former mobster, he is very personable. I learned even more about the mob history of Vegas, and Frank and I carried on reminiscing about our memories of the Vintage Vegas stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. There are bus tours out there that offer a short meet and greet with Frank after the tour, but TRUST ME it is well worth the extra money to take the private tour with Frank.

Give him a call at (702) 622-0850 to schedule your private tour.


What a pleasant surprise!

T0mmygd from Chicago, Illinois wrote:

Wow, just wow. My wife and I were in Vegas for work and took some time out to go the Mob Museum. While we were in the gift shop, a employee saw us looking at Franks books. Next to his books, on display, were flyers advertising a personal tour by thee Frank Culotta! The employee told us that we could just call him up and schedule a personal tour. I couldn't believe it until I called. Sure enough, Frank answered! We booked his personal tour for our last day in town. For mob history fans, this tour is worth every penny. It comes from the lips of someone who actually lived it. He drove us around to locations he and his crew committed crimes and to scenes from the movie Casino of which he was a technical advisor. My wife and I live in Chicago and we talked about that as well. After the 2hr tour he took us out for pizza! Truly informative and surreal. Highly recommend this!!!!!


Hang out with a real gangster

Weareblts from Tulsa, Oklahoma wrote:

Frank's the real deal, me and my wife brandy went on frank's tour 5/24/2017.It was unreal to hang out with a guy that's been through such a fascinating life!! He's a super nice guy, but also very real, picks you up in his own car and takes you around to all of the places where everything went down!! He will absolutely answer any question you have about anything, truthfully!! We've been to vegas around 20 times and this is the best thing we've ever done!! I think we may actually do it again next time we come to town. If you like old vegas or like the movie casino you can not miss this tour. It will be the best money you ever spend.!!Thanks again Frank!!! Brian and Brandy from Tulsa, Ok


Frankly Frank

Naccsecurity from Saint Louis, Missouri wrote:

We loved Frank's Casino Mob Tour. A private tour is phenomenal because we could ask any questions we wanted and have Frank's undivided attention He is very personable. He was a consultant on the movie Casino, so if you are a fan of the movie, this tour offers a lot of insights about the movie and the stars. He provides a handout with photos and historical facts about the mob in Vegas. He took us to various mob hangouts and showed us where various crimes took place. He discusses his own exploits with details of his criminal career in Chicago and Las Vegas. He tells of his time in the witness protection program. He drove us himself in a new Lincoln. We met him at the Peppermill restaurant, and at the end of the tour, he drove us to our hotel. He bought us pizza near the end of the tour at a great little pizza place off the strip. He has written several books and had the latest one available to purchase for $30. The cost of the tour was $300 for one or two people, $425 for 3 people, and more for 4 or more people because he rents a van if there are 4 or more. There were two of us, and that was perfect because we each had ample time to ask questions. I would recommend reading his books AFTER the tour. If you call 702-622-0850 Frank will personally answer the phone to book your tour.


Best Way To Spend An Afternoon In Vegas

Craig S from Fresno, California wrote:

Could not believe how much we enjoyed this tour. We were very lucky as I called on a Tuesday and were able to book Friday. Unbelievable price for a personal tour and very organized. It was like spending 3 hours with your favorite uncle but way more interesting stories. We were driven around town in Frank's Lincoln and shown places where Casino was filmed that he consulted on along with other mob sites. Frank is real easy to talk to and has a great way of explaining things do you. It was nice to sit down and have pizza with Frank after the tour and he was nice enough to drop us off at our hotel. This is a real piece of Vegas history by someone that lived it rather than just looking at pictures at a museum. At the end Frank will offer you books and pictures for sale and will autograph them for you. This is not to be missed if you enjoy Vegas history. The only drawback was that our son could not make it on this trip so when he comes we will be doing this again.


Frank Cullotta's tour is SUPERB.

A TripAdvisor Member from Milwaukie, Oregon wrote:

I cannot say enough good things about the personal tour Frank gave us. For Las Vegas history buffs like me and my wife, this tour was a must. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! After picking us up in his personal car, a beautiful white Lincoln, at our favorite place to eat and great remnant of old Las Vegas, the Peppermill, Mr. Cullotta gave us a personal tour of sites in Vegas that were significant in mafia history and his own life, driving us around in his own car. Sites from the movie 'Casino', and even more fascinating, sites where actual Vegas/Chicago outfit mob events in Vegas happened. The stories are amazing and told from such a personal and candid standpoint, it's awesome. No other tour or museum you could visit could could bring the story of old Vegas to life like Frank does. From my the initial call to set up the tour (imagine the notion that you realize you just personally set up a meeting at the Vegas Peppermill with a former mob enforcer on his personal phone!!) from pick up, to tour, and to enjoying a Pizza dinner with Mr. Cullotta afterwards, and he even dropped us off back at our hotel....the experience was smooth and seamless. Perfectly executed (no pun intended heheh) He is hilarious, candid, and accommodating. The stories of the Hole in the Wall gang, stories of his experiences with people like Rosenthal and Spilotro, all were amazing. And he brought great printed documentation to aid with the tour and even brought photos from the FBI surveillance of his crew from from back in the day. I picked up all the books he brought and he signed them and signed my disc copy of 'Casino'. An absolutely awesome experience, and a fascinating man. A funny, gracious, and entertaining gentleman. Mr. Cullotta, thank you. My wife and I would simply love to buy you a drink next time we are in Vegas (We come back often). Wishing you much further success in the future....and with how cool this experience was it seems inevitable! You can personally reach Frank at (702) 622-0850. You won't regret it. Thanks again Frank! Sincerely, Dominic and Samantha, tour on Thursday May 11th, 2017.



Rosie and Mary wrote:

From the very first call from Frank to the final hug as we left, my friend Mary and I had the best time ever in Las Vegas! We met Frank in his shiny new Lincoln at the Peppermill Restaurant - a blast from our past from the 80's in Vegas at trade shows. We loved hearing Frank's stories about his time with the Hole In the Wall Gang and his exciting life. Frank was honest and open, and it was so comfortable asking him questions about his life and getting sincere answers. We had watched the movie "Casino" again right before our trip, so the houses and filming locations were so great to see in person. The stories Frank shared while driving us to the various sites were priceless. We ended the tour having pizza with Frank and purchased one of his books to read on the plane ride home. The book was like spending a few more hours with Frank, as it was his words and his story coming to life. 

KEEP SMILING FRANK, AND WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!! From dinner at Batista's Hole in the Wall the night before our tour, to lunch at Peppermill the day after, we "went back in time" to when Las Vegas was truly special and filled with great characters including Frank!! Thanks for making our vacation extra special. If we could give you 10 stars, we would! 


Rosalie M wrote:

Vegas Specialty Tours was amazing to work with. Their customer service was superior in helping us book the perfect mob tour. We took the private tour with Frank Cullotta and enjoyed hearing about his time with the mob and all the interesting stories he shared. We saw the house from "Casino" and tons of location sights related to the movie and the mob years in Vegas. We shared pizza with Frank and felt like he was a dear friend by the end of the tour. Definitely recommend Vegas Specialty Tours if you are looking for a company that can help you select the perfect tour for your interests and budget!


Frank Cullotta Tour

ORM519 from Windsor, Canada wrote:

This tour was awesome. My wife and I took this tour today and love every minute of it. The tour around town was great. But even better were the stories that Frank has and told. We could've listened to him all day. I recommend this tour to anyone as Frank is as good as it gets in Vegas. Franks cell is 702-622-0850. It's so worth it!!! Thanks Frank for a great tour and even better stories. Annie and Reg.

Unique,interesting and unusual

Mary L wrote:

What better way to learn about the days of the mob in Vegas than from one of the Hole in the Wall members himself. Frank Cullotta has a way of telling the story that draws you in and keeps you wanting more details. The tour covered a large area, many locations you would recognize from the movie Casino. Certainly the most unique and interesting tour I have taken. Thanks to Frank for a great afternoon.


A unique and authentic historian

SuperFurryAnimal1 from Newcastle, United Kingdom wrote:

We came across a UK trip report describing Frank's tour and decided to check out the reviews. All of the 5 stars are well deserved! 

Setting up a tour date and time was as easy as ringing up Frank and getting our name in the book. Old school and simple, no bother at all.

The price is for the time (2-3 hours) not per person, and includes lovely pizza at the end, with an opportunity to obtain signed books and photos. (Frank has his third book coming out soon, best of luck with that Frank!)

We won't spoil the details of the tour, it's enough to say that Frank discusses his role as advisor on the movie Casino, the real dealings of his 'Hole in the wall' gang and also how the 'Outfit' shaped and influenced Vegas and America over the years. 

What you get on this tour is a very unique and authentic perspective on organised crime in LV from someone who was there and involved at the highest level. This is not a simple glorification either, Frank honestly shared the losses his way of life have brought upon himself and those close to him, as well as how the always changing nature of Vegas has consigned so much of its culture to history. 

Frank is an absolute gentleman, a great storyteller and fascinating first hand historian. This tour is truly a one of a kind and should not be missed by all those interested in the making of the Casino movie and Vegas organised crime. 

We look forward to meeting up with Frank for a coffee next time we're over. 

Suzanne and Andrew McGuigan

Learn About the REAL Vegas

Joel E from Scottsdale, Arizona wrote:

Have you seen the movies but want to know how it all really went down? Frank Cullotta is your man and this tour is the place to be! In our 2 1/2 hour tour, he took us around all the old hot spots of Vegas and told us how it happened: no embellishments, no BS, just the facts told in an entertaining and personal style. The tour ends with you (or your party) sitting across from Frank, having pizza, and finding out about Vegas history from one of the last guys around who lived that life and can separate the truth from the hype. The best way to get ahold of him is to call him directly (he gave permission to give out the number) at (702) 622-0850. Bottom line: If you're looking for an inside look at the old Vegas, you cannot go wrong with this tour.

One of the most interesting things I've ever done!!

A Trip Advisor Member wrote:

My husband and I had the amazing opportunity to go on a private tour with Frank (just the 3 of us) on a recent Vegas trip. I've always been fascinated by the mob and have done other mob tours in Vegas and Chicago, and none compares to this tour. To be able to hear the stories FIRST-HAND from the actual person who lived it is surreal. His stories are fascinating, he has a great sense of humor, and we had a blast. He answered all of our questions during the ride and while chatting over delicious pizza. I can't stop thinking about or talking about this unique experience we had. I'm grateful to have had this opportunity, and I encourage anyone visiting the Vegas area to try out his tour. You may never have another opportunity like this in your lifetime!

So Worth It!

Jennifer M Adkins wrote:

My husband and I went on private tour with Frank Cullotta in February. We have been to Vegas many, many times and have seen several shows, BUT this private tour topped them all! If you have any interest in old Vegas or the mobs involvement in Vegas, You have to do this tour! 

We started off by him meeting us at the Peppermill...hopped into his Lincoln (super sweet ride), and then headed out around town. He was such a cool guy that answered every question you could ever have had about Old Vegas...and if you like the movie, Casino, you are in for a real treat. He focuses on all the details of the movie and you get to visit several of the sites featured in the movie. At the end of the trip, you get to sit down and enjoy some delicious pizza with him! I felt like a friend of his, he was so easy to talk to. Next time I'm in Vegas, I hope my husband and I can meet you out for a beer? Whatcha think Frank?! :)

I can't recommend this trip enough. I have been talking about this tour nonstop since we got home!